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PALOMAR OPTOMETRY CENTER offers you an integral service of the vision and the hearing under Excmo. Sr. Prof. Doctor Fernando-J. Palomar Mascaró management.

Ronda Sant Ramón, 88
08830 SANT BOI
TEL. : +34 93 630 71 72
FAX : +34 93 630 01 72

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Datos fiscales: FERNANDO-JOSÉ PALOMAR MASCARÓ - DNI: 46651282-Z - Ronda Sant Ramón, 88 - 08830 - SANT BOI DE LLOBREGAT
We are the first center to offer you through our web platform, treatments for alterations of binocular vision, gandul eye, sectorial field losses, hemianopies, neurorehabilitation after a stroke, etc.      

We are pioneers in the visual rehabilitation of patients with sectoral losses of visual field, it is the rehabilitation of those patients who have lost after an ictus, cerebral hemorrhage or craneo-encephalic traumatism, part of their visual field. These treatments are carried out exclusively by Doctor Fernando Palomar, in a personalized way. International exclusive distributors of ground-in sectorial Palomar´s prisms.

We perform, exclusively internationally, rehabilitation after a stroke. Treating all visual sequelae such as field sector losses, binocular vision disturbances, ocular motility problems, diplopia, etc. We have our Palomar© Online Visual Therapy platform to treat any problem in a personalized way after a stroke, or stroke.

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