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logo_i_d_x150 We do research in different areas, like Contact Lenses Prescription, Optometry or Ophthalmology, having been awarded with the following prizes.


First Research Prize for “Corneal Stesiometry". II Premio de ÓPTICA 2000 sobre “La Optometría y las Lentes de Contacto”
December 1989, Barcelona, Spain.

First Prize in the photography competition."European Symposium on Contact Lens"..
18-21 October 1991. Geneva , Switzerland.

First Prize in the photography competition."European Symposium on Contact Lens".
16-19 October 1992. Bordeaux , France.

Research award Accessit for "Optometric rehabilitation techniques in Complete Homonymous Hemianopsies". Colegio Nacional de Ópticos-Optometristas Award.
April 6 1994, Madrid , Spain.

Second Prize in the photography competition "European Symposium on Contact Lens".
14-17 October 1994, Lisbon , Portugal.

First Accessit International Research Award - “Research and Current Situation on visual aids for the complete lateral homonymous hemianopsis rehabilitation" - Instituto Barraquer, Joaquin Rutllan 1999 Award.
28 March 2000, Barcelona, Spain.

First Prize International Posters Award " European Symposium on Contact Lenses 2000" - "Epithelial Ingrowth Post Lasik"
13 al 16 Oct. 2000. Berlín, Germany.

Second prize in the Scientific Photography Awards. "77 th Symposium of the Spanish Ophthalmologic Society"
30 Sep. 2001. Barcelona, Spain

Award "Gaceta Óptica" National College of Opticians-Optometrists of Spain, by the work on Technical & Scientist: "Current Indexes in keratoconus screening for corneal topography analysis," published in April 2009..
17 Feb. 2010. Madrid, Spain

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